About Peter

Peter Leidy has been learning from people with disabilities since 1983. Peter is a consultant, facilitator, listener, learner, improviser, and speaker who focuses on personalized supports and community membership for people with disabilities. He also writes and sings songs about human serviceland and those who find themselves connected to it. He writes a blog called “Just Curious”.

Peter conducts workshops, develops training materials, writes songs, speaks and sings at conferences, and works with organizations, government agencies, families, and paid supporters to promote positive support, inclusion, building healthy relationships, and thinking differently about people who are called “challenging.” (Peter himself is known to be non-compliant at times, and can often be found exhibiting attention-seeking behavior.) Visit his website HERE.

Remote Training Opportunities

Peter now offers workshops and support through interactive video conferencing! There are several topics to consider:

  • Staying Person-Centered While Social Distancing – In this session we look at ways to imagine (and act on) a more meaningful day than simply practicing social distancing – as important as that is.  How do we support people to still connect with others and contribute to community life, given this pandemic?
  • Reducing Stress and Building Empathy – I’ve been teaching a lot in the last few years on mindfulness, compassion, and stress reduction.  This session will be an introduction, with some very specific, simple, and proven techniques to improve our own and others’ well-being and capacity for compassion.
  • Supporting Each Other During Hard TimesWe’re all in this together may have never been as true as it is today.  With so much stress and pressure while we are in “crisis mode”, how do we make the space for taking care of each other as we struggle through the hard work of supporting people who rely on us?  In my view, this is more important than ever if we are going to get through this together.