Materials for Positive Identity Development

These materials are an addendum to Positive Identity Development: An alternative treatment approach for individuals with mild and moderate intellectual disabilities by Karyn Harvey, PhD, The NADD Press, 2009 and offer specific forms and workbooks to be completed with clients. Click Here

Trauma Informed Behavioral Interventions: What Works and What Doesn’t

In this book, the author describes ”what doesn’t work” by outlining the ways in which individuals with intellectual disability may have been damaged by the ”behavioral” approach to their day-to-day actions. She demonstrates what has been missed through this approach: Needs have not been met, individuals have been misdiagnosed, and trauma responses have been triggered through the exclusive use of behavioral controls, both positive and negative. Click Here

Assessing Trauma in Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities

A presentation by Brian D. Tallant, LPCAurora Mental Health Center, Aurora, CO: Click Here

The Oklahoma Gathering for Person Centered Practices 2020 – Healing Trauma Through Relationships

Karyn Harvey will be the keynote and facilitate breakout sessions. Click Here for more information!