More About Angela Amado

Angela Novak Amado works to support communities to be fully inclusive of all people. She has conducted training about friendships between people with intellectual/developmental disabilities and ordinary community members in more than 30 states, Canada, Australia, Israel, and five European countries. Learn about her work at the Institute on Community Integration HERE.


Friends – Connecting People with Disabilities and Community Members: This manual is to help people with disabilities increase community membership and belonging and for promoting relationships with community members. Download a copy HERE.

Friends Activity Worksheets: These can be used with the manual. Download a copy HERE.

Friends: Connecting People with Disabilities with Community Members – A Manual for Families: A manual providing concrete, “how-to” strategies for family members to support relationships between their family members with disabilities and other community members. Download copies of the manual and activity worksheets HERE.

New York Times Article

““The moments that are most difficult are when I think about not knowing when I’ll be able to touch another human being again,” she said. As someone with no pets, no partner — not even a plant — she said she felt profoundly lonely. “Sometimes I feel like I’m disappearing,” she said.”

How to Manage Your Loneliniess – By Julie Halpert, Published April 20, 2020 and Updated April 24, 2020. Read the article HERE.

Wolf Wolfensberger

“The reality that the (intellectually disabled) person is a version of myself is one from which so much can be learned and gained, and yet, it is a reality which most people deny and try to escape from.” ― Wolf Wolfensberger