New England Community of Practice for Person Centered Approaches

Monthly gatherings of credentialed trainers in Person Centered Thinking in the New England states

Credentialing and Mentoring of Workshop Facilitators

Providing mentor training to new workshop facilitators with TLCPCP

Systems Change Initiatives

Advanced consultation for leadership teams, policy analysts and quality assurance programs to bring person centered missions to life


Video Conferencing

Firstperson Services uses video conferencing technology to provide ongoing engagement with leadership teams around systems change as a supplement to face-to-face facilitation. Also, each workshop includes a webinar follow up with participants to assist in bringing the new skills into habit and organizational culture.

Staff Development

The focus of this staff training is on learning person centered thinking skills that support choice while addressing issues of health and safety. Using a series of stories participants will learn how to:

  • Strike a balance between what is important to and what is important for each person supported;
  • Clearly describe the roles and responsibilities of staff in implementing plans;
  • Evaluate their own efforts by looking at what is and is not working within the lives of those supported; and
  • Lead change within their organizations by creating optimistic discontent.

Staff learn the practice of mindful listening and using the information in describing what is important to each person and how to best support she or he.

  • Participants will apply and enhance their person centered thinking skills through a series of guided exercises.
  • Participants will learn skills that they will be able to use on an everyday basis when providing person centered services and developing person centered plans.
  • Participants will see how to grow plans over time by using “learning logs” and structured questions as well as practicing the traditional approach of gathering and synthesizing information.
  • At the end of the day participants will have a first plan that they have completed on themselves

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