NYS Department of Health Systems Change Initiative

The New York State Department of Health is seeking to bring Person Centered Practices into the system through a comprehension transformation initiative in 2018. According to a request for proposal issued in March, the state recognizes that “enhancing person-centered (PC) practice…aligns with an increasing number of regulatory requirements, such as the Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS) final rule. It also stands to help New York State (NYS) meet the Triple Aim goal of Medicaid Redesign…” The initiative calls for the development and expansion of “Person-Centered Learning Organizations” throughout the State including those serving persons who are aged/physically disabled; person with mental/behavioral disabilities and person with developmental/intellectual disabilities. Participating organizations will have a focus on skill building in Person Centered Thinking skills and plan development. Over the course of the initiative, provider agency management and staff for residential and non-residential agencies as well as people served through HCBS and their circles of support will be able to engage in Learning Institutes that include the creation of “action plans” to implement Person Centered best practices within the organizations. The anticipated start date is October 1, 2018. The full RFP can be found at the web address:  https://health.ny.gov/funding/rfp/17625/17625.pdf

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