Developing System Change Initiatives

After the initial 12-hour introductory training, your organization can leverage the passion of staff that are “early adopters” by offering them a follow-up training through Firstperson Services. This is customized to your organization and focuses on a half-day leadership team facilitation and a half-day training to establish a core team of coaches. The result is a systems-change project team that can examine, design and complete Level II changes in your organization. Every organization has a different starting point and so the systems change initiative must emerge as an organic creation by your own personnel. Firstperson Services can walk you through the design and implementation.

Monthly Leadership Team Sessions

Building from their half-day session, the leadership team meets to share progress in their departments to embed person centered practices into day-to-day work. These include:

  • Using One Page Descriptions for team building and on-boarding
  • Creating Team Communication Charts
  • Having standing agenda items around “skill of the month”
  • Using Working / Not Working to evaluate an event or project and plan a next step

Monthly Coaching Sessions

Your core team of coaches meet monthly to design a group Decision Making Agreement to establish a common understanding on how change will happen in the organization, what their role will be in the process and what supports they need. They also receive instruction to build their skills in providing constructive feedback or to deliver opinions in a productive way that increases the chances of positive change. A Communication Chart about responding to stress is also a common product at this stage.

Quarterly Level II Change Events

The Core Team of Coaches and Leadership meet on a quarterly basis in a facilitated process to reveal opportunities for changes at the policy and rules level for the organization. Once identified, these items are moved to the planning and implementation system that the organization has in place or develops for this purpose.

Blended Learning and Engagement

Firstperson Services offers facilitation in one-on-one, in-person sessions blended with video conference support. Many of the skill development sessions require interactive engagement that is best suited to in-person training experience. However, much of the skill strengthening modules have recorded eLearning components using a Firstperson Learning Management System as well as recorded videos and digital audio sessions that staff can take with mobile devices or while they commute.

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