eLearning Opportunities

Firstperson Services personnel work with the H S A US team where you can enroll your staff in courses and one-on-one coaching using web conferencing technology. This offers self-paced learning for remote workers. Regularly scheduled interactive video conferencing supports learning in topics like:

Person Centered Thinking – Start by looking at what person-centered thinking is all about and consider some of the skills you’ll need to implement a person-centered approach.
• What is Person Centered Thinking
• Person Centered Thinking Skills
Getting to Know Someone – These person-centered thinking tools will help you to really get to know someone.
• One Page Profile
• Good Days and Bad Days
• Relationship Circles
• Communication Charts
• What is Working / Not Working
The Perfect Week – These tools will help you to discover and deliver a person’s perfect week.
• Community Mapping
• Perfect Week
• Donut
• Matching Support
• Decision Making
Ongoing Learning and Review – These tools will help you to reflect on past events and record what worked well as well as look for ways of improving things for the future.
• Learning Log
• 4 + 1 Questions

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